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King of Avalon Gold Hack iOS & Android

king of avalon gold hackk

King of Avalon Gold Hack iOS & Android

I am sure you found this page while searching for king of Avalon Hack. If yes , then you’re at right place as we do have a free gold hack for you. Welcome to our brand new king of avalon dragon warfare hack . It is 2016’s most-anticipated real-time MMO game released for both Android & iOS. This game allows you to make friends and battle enemies across the globe using your own dragon , a legendary weapon of mass destruction.

Using Our King of Avalon Gold Hack ??

Like other games , this game also relies on in- app game purchases that accelerate your progress and help you win without using any hacks or cheats. the purchases are as follows :

99.99 USD Wagon of Gold

4.99 USD Bag of Gold

0.99 USD Pouch of Gold

9.99 USD Sack of Gold

19.99 USD Chest of Gold

49.99 USD Handcart of Gold

4.99 USD Daily delivery(7days)

19.99 USD Daily delivery(30days)

9.99 USD Daily delivery(15days)

So as you see , the in app purchases are quite expensive . Even if you buy pouch of gold or bag of gold , it isn’t going to help you much as you will be needing more gold than this when you reach higher levels of game play. So , what’s the solution or workaround to this problem ?


Using our tool you can generate unlimited amount of gold , be it wagon of gold or pouch of gold. Nothing can beat our cheat Why ?

  1. Because we update our cheats regularly.
  2. We have our own anti- ban Script to make sure your account is safe.
  3. We use private proxies. Again , it ensures your account safety.
  4. Our hack tool works always, because we don’t allow overuse of our tool and have strong method against spammers.
  5. Our hack is completely free and legal .


  1. First , visit this king of avalon gold hack
  2. Enter you google play/apple id or username you’re using in king of avalon game.
  3. Click on connect and wait for few second untill server connection are established.
  4. Now , enter amount of gold you would like to have. Small amount works better as you can always add more later on.
  5. Click on generate.
  6. Wait few seconds until hack is completed.
  7. Confirm your action by clicking yes.

That’s it. Everything done. Now open your game again and you will find you gold being already added to your account . If not , please try to open game after few minutes or an hour , i bet you will receive your gold fast.


Our hack is the only guide you will need while playing king of avalon on android and ios. Nothing  will help you more than our tool. Most people are searching for apk mod or guide which is natural but after playing so many MMO games , Most of you have already realized that guide don’t help you much when you face a tougher gamer or opponent who has buyed every  skill and cards available in the game. So your only hope is our hack tool that can provide unlimited gems to you.


Yes , unless you have lots of cash or your mum is going to let you use her cc ,  you need this hack as even you buy pouch of gold or bag of gold because it simply isn’t going to be enough. You must have seen game like clash royale where gold and gems are never enough to play and win. So , this hack will be much more helpful than you expect . This hack will surely help you to win every battle using the golds you will be generating through this hack. So to spice up your gaming experience and to make sure you don’t fall behind your fellow gamer and friends , make sure you use and share this hack. Thanks for reading this king of avalon guide . Don’t Forget to share it with your friends.